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A Private Limited company is a company formed with 2 or more members. The maximum members prescribed is 200 and their shares cannot be freely traded. Since, it is easier to register a Pvt. Ltd. company it is a preferable form of company for most of the businesses. The scope of a Private Ltd. company is limited, as it is limited up to a few number of people, but it enjoys less legal restrictions. Before registering a Private Limited company the following key points must be kept in mind

  • There should be minimum of 2 directors and maximum can be 15.
  • The word “Pvt. Ltd.” must be suffixed in its name.
  • There is no capital requirement, a Private Company can be registered with any amount of Capital 

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Good Experience.

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Special Name require special approvals. You may grab this deal, to help you with the process

2) Sir i want to registered the company and i am three partner how to do it

This is very much possible. Please grab this deal to continue.

3) Please tel me the gst registration charge for new business of govt fees ..

Please connect with our partner. They offer GST software as well as GST Registration.

4) What is a procedure for home based business.

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5) Sir is it possible if 4 partners are there?

Yes, it is possible.

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9) can i register my my play school business ??

Yes You Can!

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11) sir i want to register my event organisation company how should I do could you please tell me

Sir we will connect you with our vendor Registrationwala. 

He will help you with the company registration, you will receive a call from them within 8 hours.

12) How much time does it take to register a pvt ltd company

minimum 15 days

13) I want to start advanced agriculture farming company, having own agri land,advise

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16) kishi bhi purani company jiska koi kaam nahi hua kya use dobara chalu kiya ja sakta hai?

Jee Haan, aap kar sakte hain agar aapke ROC compliance aaj ki date tak poore hain.