Drafting of Rental Agreements by Experts @ Rs. 5000/ Only

StartupArena brings hosted services under legal category by its trusted partners with extensive, proven experience of helping clients navigate the multitude of regulatory requirements. Our partners help Individuals/Corporates/firms prepare Rent Agreement with ease. Their work and advise is innovative, timely and pro-active.

Procedure for Drafting of Rental  Agreement 

  • Draft the Rental Deed
  • Print it on Stamp Paper
  • Place Tenant and Landlord signature

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Information Required

[A] For the Landlord:

  • Name of Landlord:
  • Constitution: Company/partnership/individual
  • Address:
  • Details of property to be rented:
  • Term / Time period for which property to be rented:
  • Rent:

[B] For the Tenant:

  • Name of Tenant:
  • Constitution: Company/partnership/individual
  • Address:

Terms & Conditions

  • Turn Around Time : 1 to 2 working Days

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