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The challenges of managing a startup or a growing business or as a matter of fact any business, are extraordinary! Managing your business's finances, compliances, corporate governance, and addressing strategic requirements are important tasks and one cannot afford negligence in these areas.

Jindagi Live Consulting makes it very simple and lays its emphasis on a good performance management plan that aims to optimize results and align subsystems in order to achieve the overall objectives of the organization.

Our CFO services includes:

  • Corporate strategy – Defining values, stability strategies and expansion capabilities.
  • Leadership development – Developing people to drive performance and reach their full potential.
  • Structural operational framework – Implement policies and process for controlled operational flow and review the same on continued basis.
  • Treasury management – Maintaining the liquidity of the business, currency risk, quick finances to the company.
  • Risk advisory – Review various elements of financial systems and identifying the risk areas. Assist in improving the risk management infrastructure and suggesting mitigation plan.
  • KPI’s tracking – Implement various tools to measure KPI’s on regular intervals and suggest corrective steps.

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