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Guided by a team of experts in HR practices in India, WETOS D’zire developed using the latest software technology has been considered as the most-easy-to-use web based software for On-line Attendance and Leave management Application.

The main constituents of the WETOS (Web based Time Office System) software are:

  • Dash board on every desktop
  • Multi – level approval
  • Employee Shift Scheduling
  • Easy to generate reports
  • On the move – Mobile app
  • Employee Self Service
  • E- leave management
  • Alerts and email reminders
  • Reports and Statistics for Management

*Offer Valid till 31st March 2018

 4000  1,450.00
You get:  2,550.00 off

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Need for WETOS D’zire

India is on a fast growth track and businesses are expanding. Multi-city operations is no more a prerogative of MNCs or large business houses,this need arises for every growing company irrespective of size and service. Unfortunately along with this, grows the bill to meet the mandatory requirements of any organization: Attendance, Leave Management, OD, Tour, Overtime etc. This is where our state-of-the-art software WETOS comes which reduces the cost of managing time office.

Details of constituents of the WETOS  software are:

  • Dash board for every employee - The dashboard displays the attendance status for the month, leave status, broadcasted messages, and birthday list.
  • Multi – level approval - 2 levels built-in, first approval/rejection by immediate supervisor and second sanction / rejection by manager.
  • Employee Shift Scheduling - Shifts can be uploaded in bulk. Has feature to operate on auto shifts under special condition.
  • Easy to generate reports - Ample reports are built- in for a person to view their department / division/ companies time office related performance.
  • On the move – Mobile app -For employees working on off sites or on tour or on outdoor duties can easily mark their attendance through the mobile app.
  • Employee Self Service - For attendance regularization, leave application and report viewing.
  • E- leave management - Configurable leave rules, new leave types can be added, existing leave types can be modified, deactivated.
  • Alerts and email reminders - Auto generation of notifications to concerned authorities on application of leave, OT and attendance regularization.
  • Reports and Statistics for Management- Designed for the decision makers, the month wise, department wise, shiftwise statistics is displayed that helps in decision making.

Terms & Conditions

Wetos Packages 

  • 100 Users- Rs. 1450/ month
  • 250 User - Rs. 2300/ month
  • 500 User - Rs. 2900/ month
  • 1000 User - 5800/month

(Out Right Purchase available)

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