General Pest Control AMC @ Rs. 1400 Only

Suraj Pest Control has been providing domestic pest control. Pest like cockroaches, crickets, black ants, silver fish, spider, lizard, Mosquito and all other small insects are covered. We shall control these pests by regulated spraying of Insecticides. Continued application of our services will keep your place pest free.

We provide 4 Services in General AMC.

These are the rates for 1 BHK house

 1600  1,400.00
You get:  200.00 off

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Suraj Pest Control Pvt Ltd

Suraj Pest Control Pvt Ltd is a Govt. Approved  ISO 9001: 2009 Certified Company for Pest Contr...

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Our Rates for other sizes:

Size1 year AMC (Rs.)2 Year AMC (Rs.)3 Year AMC (Rs.)
1 BHK140024003300
2 BHK170030003900
3 BHK200036004500
4 BHK230042005100
5 BHK260048005700

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