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We are providing complete START-UP/EXISTING BUSINESS SOLUTIONS The Start-up Organization which has to do everything from scratch but needs advise to Start and to Sustain the Business. Alem Business Solutions which has been working for various industries gained Experience, Skills, Knowledge & is capable to provide the required support in any of the above mentioned business scenario. Alem nurtures and develop the aspiring organization with not only ideas & plans but also help them in implementation & execution, in short its “Idea – Plan – Implement – Execute” IPIE mantra. Alem specializes in Off-Line Business such as Retail, Modern Trade, and B2B AND On-Line Business such as selling through Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra, PayTM etc. etc. platforms.

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Alem Business Solutions

Alem Business Solutions provides 360 degree business solutions to aspiring organizations. It’s a m...

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How To Use This Deal

How We Address the Challenges:

  • Structure:
    • Alem review the organization and defines its Vision, Mission and the objectives. We advise in structuring the organization for achieving the organization’s goal.
  • Strategy:
    • In the ever-changing environment adaptability is the key factor for any business; Alem assists in developing a Strategy to take business to next higher level.
  • Roadmap:
    • Alem reviews the market potential, product, price, markets, channel & competitive environment and prepare a plan for business.
  • Brand Strategy:
    • The business requires the brand positioning of the brand; Alem plans the marketing programs, keeping in view the corporate strategy to build the brand.
  • Market Strategy:
    • It is essential to explore new markets & strengthen the existing markets for business growth. Alem develops the strategy not only for new markets but also for strengthening the existing ones.
  • Channel Strategy:
    • In sync. with Market Strategy the Channel Strategy is also defined.
  • Product/Services Strategy:
    • For the business it is essential to keep on launching new range of products/services to strengthen the existing range of products/services. Alem assists in generating new business ideas and development of new product/services.
  • MIS:
    • Management Information System is an important tool to control the affairs of the company with an eye on the cost escalations, Sales volume achieved, Realization, Profitability, Competitive environment, etc. Alem supports in to develop suitable MIS as per requirement of the Company e.g.:
      • Daily Report
      • Fortnightly Reports,
      • Monthly Report
      • Budget,
      • Business Plans
      • Competitive Information
      • Product Information
      • Channel Information
  • Performance:
    • Keeping a tap on the performance of organization linked to the goals, Alem assists in motivation of the business entity and the people involved.
  • Strategic Alliances:
    • Alem assists in identifying & building alliances with associates, partners and clients as per the need of the enterprise.
  • After Sales Service:
    • We help organization in setting up the After Sales Service for the customer’s satisfaction.

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