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We are One of the Best Pest Control Companies in North India, Providing Safe and Effective Pest Control Treatment Services. Within a Short Time, We Have Earned a High Reputation in Pest Control in Gurgaon,Delhi,Noida and Other NCR Region. Keeping, Your Residential and Commercial Complexes Pest-Free, is an Important Requirement at a Time When Various Diseases Seem Always to be Lurking in the Corner. Commonly Found Pests in India like Insects, Arachnid, Acarid, Rodents, reptiles, birds, molluscs, etc. can not only cause damage to your property, but also can lead to the spread of a wide range of diseases. 24x7 Pest Control Service uses modern equipment and a trained crew to provide comprehensive and long lasting solutions to the nuisance of pests.

Our Pest Eradications Services formulate customized execution plans after a cost free inspection of your property, according to the type of pests intruding into your space and as per the convenience of your schedule. Call us today to get rid of the unwanted intruders at the best prices available. We ensure the quickest and the most reliable services to make your home and office the hub of peace and productivity like they were meant to be.

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Pest Control

Apart from the ways that can be used to control them, pests can also be classified according to their biology. There are various t...Show More

Mosquito Fogging

A fogger is a device used to disperse liquid chemicals over large areas with a very small droplet size. The small droplet size all...Show More

Termite Control

Termite treatment uses a DRILL-FILL-SEAL technique that creates a chemical barrier to kills termites during their movement. Holes ...Show More

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Pests are often found invading our homes, posing damages in hotels, restaurants and offices. Not only are pests an annoyance, they can also pose a health threat to your family and serious damage to your home.General Pest Control covers mosquito, house fly, cockroaches, ants, silverfish, other crawling insects.



200.00 INRoff

Cockroach Control @ Rs 699/- only

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Cockroaches are popularly known as one of the oldest of all living creatures on earth. It is one of the most difficult pests to control and requires special treatments. Cockroaches and ants pose a major threat to households, as they have the capacity to contaminate food and surfaces.



200.00 INRoff

Termite Control @ Rs 4/-per sq ft.

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Termites come under the family of cockroaches. They can eat away wooden furniture and other materials at an alarmingly fast rate.



2.00 INRoff

Mosquito fogging @ Rs 1200 only

Active (Expiring Soon)

Mosquito Fogging is probably the fastest, most effective way to get rid of mosquitoes and other flying insects over medium to large areas. When carried out effectively, it can provide instant relief from unwanted pests.Fogging in certain areas leaves the smell due to which insects do not come near the place .we will cover 1200 Sq to 1300 Sq feet area in our basic plan. 



200.00 INRoff

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